Inga Dubina
I am a 3rd year student of Translations Studies (Translation English-Latvian-Russian languages) at the Ventspils University College. During the 4th year I have to have an internship during the fall. I would like to translate during the internship abroad as I like multicultural envrinment and meeting new people.
— Inga, Latvia
John Balla Marah
I am John Balla Marah a Sierra Leonean by nationality. I am first born of five children from Kamaron in the Koinadugu district northern Sierra Leone. My father is called rev. Thamas Kulako Marah and my mother is called Sona Marah. I am currently the Project Coordinator working with a coalition called National Movement for Emanciaption and Progress(NaMEP). The coaltion is working on the eradication of harmful traditional practices such as early and forceful marriage especially female genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone which has led to the death of several girls and women.
— John, Sierra Leone
Christopher Mendy
My Name is Christopher Mendy, An 18years old male, Nationality a Gambian. Living within a single parent family (mother, two sisters and a little brother) I’m the first son of my family, my father left us and have another family, and now with the Help of God and my Mother I was brought up like a son of a King, doing right things, being Honest in everything-am loyal and truthful to anybody, every Human being is equal to me, I don’t treat anyone unfairly or rather cheat, also I hate people who deceive others just to have something, My Life is Simple and I thank God for anything I have. I Believe that Discipline is the Bedrock of Success and Education can make ones dream come true. I want to polish my IT and Communication Skills in order to enhance my Employability in the near Future. I believe with the Schooling and Computer Knowledge and Skills I have during my recent Basic Training in School and Voluntary Working Places, I can contribute in many ways by Helping my Fellow Youths and render my services to many Voluntary organizations by helping poor people and the needy ones to overcome their Aims and Objectives in life one day. Finally, as a young Gambian I aspire to work hard to the best of my ability in contributing to the development of the Youths in the world at large.I have considered myself as a global nomad, a world citizen, since I was 9yrs. I strongly believe in the saying that life is all about serving God and humanity. Therefore; I considered it extremely important that I contribute my own quota by doing the little I can to serve the world in my own way. If youths can share life with one another, the world generally will be a lovely place to be. To me education, information and sensitization are the major ingredients in life, so every youth must have them in order to actualize his/her dreams in life. They should be given to every youth irrespective of their religion, social and economic background. It's my desire to come in contact with people from different parts of the world so as to share love, culture as well as building bridges across the Atlantic.
— Christopher, Gambia, The
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