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17th Bi-Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Gerontology

Project at a glance

Dates and Place

31 October - 02 November 2001, Geneva, Switzerland
International Conference Center Geneva (ICCG)


Société Suisse de Gérontologie.

Project details

Each annual conference of the SSG is placed under a specific theme. The theme chosen for this year's conference has not yet been communicated to us.

The annual conferences of the SSG usually benefit from the participation of a large number of qualified speakers from the medical world, from geriatric institutions, research institutes and other entities specialized in the field of gerontology. The conferences also include the annual General Assembly of the Society.

External links

http://www.sgg-ssg.ch/Swiss Society for Gerontology

Volunteering Opportunities

Some 300 delegates are expected to attend. Approximately 30 volunteers are required, before the conference to help with planning and organization, and during the conference itself to provide assistance to the delegates.

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