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10 September 2006, Ferney-Voltaire, France

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Do you live in the Ferney or Gex area? Are you interested in the local activities in your region? Then you should not miss the Forum des Associations held in Ferney-Voltaire on Sunday 10 September!

This event has been organised by the town council for many years and is a good indicator of how dynamic the local organisations are. There are approximately 120 associations in Ferney-Voltaire and they are active in many different fields: theatre, dance, sports, health, social and cultural. A large variety of activities is available, from the African Women Association to the Voltaire association, including the Firemen Association and the Karate Club. Even if not all the associations are present at the Forum des Associations, it is still a great opportunity to experience the diversity of the local activities, meet interesting people and why not get involved in new projects? Some entertainment is also planned.

ICVolunteers-France was created in 2005. Its aim and mission is to manage ICVolunteers European projects. ICV-France is planning to set up a booth at the Forum des Association in order for people to get to know us and for new volunteers to get involved in our activities.

Volunteering Opportunities

For this event, we are looking for volunteers and would be happy to welcome you in our team, especially if you live in the Ferney or Gex region.

We are looking for people who are interested in our activities and who are willing to join our team on Sunday 10 September in order to welcome and inform people who come to the booth and maybe hand out a few flyers around the booth.

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