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Eurodad - European Network on Debt and Development

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Dates and Place

30 November - 02 December 2005, Dublin, Ireland, Republic of
Marino Institute of Education



Project details

Eurodad is a network of 48 development non-governmental organisations from 15 European countries working for national economic and international financing policies that achieve poverty eradication and the empowerment of the poor.

The Annual Conference of Eurodad of 2005 was an opportunity to hear presentations from experienced campaigners and researchers on the key policy debates, including the following themes: odious debts, debt sustainability, aid increases, budget support and donor harmonisation, conditionality and the 'good governance' agenda. The conference also considered how civil society groups can work more effectively together across different countries and approaches. It further was an occasion for NGOs from Europe and other regions to come together and share ideas and strategies for the forthcoming year.

For further information: www.eurodad.org

Role of ICVolunteers

ICVolunteers worked with interpreters able to interpret from and to English, French and Spanish.


Reimbursement of travel expenses to and from Dublin; accommodation and meals provided on site.

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