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Swiss Student Pugwash Conference

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Dates and Place

07 - 09 April 2000, Geneva, Switzerland



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Thinking in New ways: Youth, Responsibility and Science

This will be the first National Swiss Student Pugwash Conference held in Switzerland. The organizers expect approximately 60 participants from all over Switzerland. The delegates will exchange information and opinions on a number of issues. The themes of the workshops and plenaries include:

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (possible areas of interest might include arms control, disarmament, the NPT...)
  • The Environment (what can we, as students, do?, "think globally, act locally," need for energy, water quality and availability...)
  • Development (Discrepancy between "developed" and "developing" countries, definition, genetically progress as a form of development...)
  • Biological progress in Genetics (latest progress, ethics, social responsibility of scientists...)
  • Ethics, Science and Technology (access and the Internet, public participation in scientific decision making...)

      "Remember your humanity and forget the rest," Russell-Einstein Manifesto, 1955.

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http://www.student-pugwash.org/swiss/Switzerland Student Pugwash

Volunteering Opportunities

Welcome, register and assist delegates, help with administration.

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