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I Jornadas sobre Participación social y nuevas Tecnologías: Cibervoluntariado y Ciberactivismo

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Dates and Place

06 - 07 May 2005, Almería, Spain
Universidad de Almería


Département de sociologie de l'Université d'Almería.

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Objective. The main objectives of the Conference were to demonstrate the possibilities and experiences offered by new technologies. It also was aimed at encouraging the students of the University of Almeria to use these new tools, as well as to showing associations and social volunteer organizations that the use of new technologies can stimulate or even increase the participation of both members and volunteers.

Justification. According to a study realized in 2003 in the field of sociology and published in a book titled « Volunteer and social participation » (2004), 18% of all students have confirmed to take part in volunteer activities, whereas 57% declared to only have thought of it. The raisons given those who are not jet using online tools were "I don't have time" followed by "I didn't find the occasion". Since all the students of the University of Almeria have access to free email accounts and computers connected to Internet, the new technologies could be used to encourage the students to participate and join volunteer organizations.

Partners. The Conference was made possible thanks to the support of the Consejería para la Igualdad y el Bienestar Social de la Junta de Andalucía. The University of Almeria, through its Social Sciences and Education Faculty also participated in the organization of the days, with the Vice-Rector for Students, and the Service of Information and Communication Technologies of the University. Also involved was the Andalusia Agency of Volunteer, which belongs to the regional Council and the regional Council of Innovation, Science and Business. Lately, the department of civil participation of Almeria and the organization Committee of the 2005 Mediterranean Games have actively contributed to the making of the event.

Program. The program is composed of two key note speeches and four workshops. The two key note speeches will open and close the event. The first will be given by Pr Teresa Gonzalez de La Fe, Professor of Sociology, and the second by Viola Krebs Founder and Director of ICVolunteers. The four workshops are based on four case studies and the experience of programs that actively use information and communication technologies for the promotion of the social participation and voluntarism: Canal solidario, Campus for Peace, Volonters Almeria 2005 and Cibervoluntarios.

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