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18th IAVE World Volunteer Conference

Photo: Randy Schmieder
Photo: Randy Schmieder

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Dates and Place

17 - 21 August 2004, Barcelona, Spain
FORUM de las Culturas 2004


IAVE (International Association for Volunteer Effort), Forum Barcelona 2004, Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social.


1200 volunteers, volunteer coordinators and people interested in volunteerism participated in the event.

Project details

Volunteering= in people's interest an engine for change

The 18th World Volunteer Conference of IAVE (International Assoocation for Volunteer Effort), at this occasion organized by FCVS (Federació Catalana de Voluntariat Social), was held in Barcelona from August 17-21 2004 within the framework of the FORUM de las Cultureas 2004.

The aim of the Conference was raise awarness in the world about volunteer work and what it represents. Conference participants discussed in depth the ethical framework under which to move forward, and the nature of volunteer commitments in the defense of values such as justice and human rights. The Conference also aimed to formulate proposals to make this task easier, turning it a real opportunity to make an impact, a true engine for change toward a better world.

In short, this Conference aspired to give meaning to the words of Kenn Allen: "The volunteer is the fundamental building block for constructing a civil society. Without people who wish to commit themselves to their community, neither NGO's, nor philanthropy, nor responsible governments, nor democracy are possible."

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Volunteering Opportunities

50 volunteer reporters, interpreters and members of the welcoming team from 15 countries were recruited by ICVolunteers to help with the smooth running of the Conference. For more information about the news published by volunteer reporters, see iavenews.org

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